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All metrics are from 2021. For up-to-date information contact us for our media kit.

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Types of Advertising

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Banner Ads

Banner Ads are strategically placed on our highest traffic webpages. In-content ads are limited to two spots per month for the biggest impact (one above and one below the fold).

In-Content Ads

Ads are also placed within each inmate profile. In-content ads will be sent out in our notification and update communications.

Widget Ads

Widget Ads are seen in the right hand sidebar spaces of the website. These ads appear on a variety of pages throughout the site.


WriteAPrisoner publishes a monthly email newsletter, with over 700k subscribers. The newsletter sponsorship has a paragraph with a “Sponsored By” listing along with a brief description of your business/services, banner ad, and a direct link to your site. This is very limited with just one sponsor per month. *Waiting list available

Forums & Membership

With an active forum and over 300 new users registered every day, sponsoring our community can put you directly in the action. Forum sponsorship is limited to one sponsor per period.

Community Directory

Part of the mission of the WriteAPrisoner is to connect our community with different tools and resources to improve their lives. To assist with this, we offer several recommendation pages. The investment for these vary and spaces are limited.

*Waiting list available

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We Create Unique Campaigns That Are Designed To Help Your Business Grow

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Do We Allow Anyone To Advertise?

We limit advertisers to companies that we can strongly recommend to our community. Although we do not necessarily control the ads that come to the site through ad programs, such as Google Adsense, we can control private ad placements and feel an ethical responsibility to our community to not advertise companies that are not in alignment with our mission.

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